revenue eXtraction gateway

The only edge network head-end purpose-built for service providers to maximize revenue, minimize cost and easily scale.

Deployed by three out of the six largest telcos in the USA.

As scientists and engineers we believe in statements of fact. We have been in operation for over 14 years. Three of the six largest telcos in the USA (measured by revenue) run rXg at scale. Two of the four busiest airports in the USA (measured by pax per year) run their network through rXg. Three of the fifteen largest independent hotel management companies in the USA have standardized on rXg. There are thousands of rXgs running the biggest networks in existence for over a decade. We believe these facts demonstrate the relevance of the RG Nets approach.

Designed and built exclusively by veteran engineers with a passion for perfection.

Everybody involved in creating rXg, from the very first day right up until today, is a practicing engineer. We have lived the pain of large-scale network operations and end-user support. We know exactly what the issues are. We have learned exactly how to fix them through hard work and decades of experience. We have dedicated our lives to creating a product that is so good we would have spent our own money to buy it to run the networks that we used to operate. We believe we have achieved this goal with the rXg.

Includes everything required to deliver complex scenarios within the gateway.

One box. One GUI. Completely unified. Fully integrated. All the features that service providers need to obtain total control, clear communication and complete cognizance over their end-user population. Advanced services specifically designed for services providers to rapidly execute mass deployment, aggregated reporting and even manage the southbound switches from an API. Pluggable, future-proof platform, where everything talks to everything ... enabling operators to deploy configurations that were not imagined by the architects. The rXg is designed to be the only thing sitting between a wired and/or wireless distribution infrastructure and the Internet.